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TechBase Regensburg25. - 27. May 2018

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* The application starts at the end of february 2018


What is hackaburg?

Hackaburg is a meeting point* for over 100 developers, designers, and enterpreneurs from around the world.

* of 21 nationalities to be exact and a hackathon experience like no other.


How you can change the future

The new tracks introduced this year offer you the possibility to challenge in the category of interest.
The tracks listed below are provisional. We hope for your feedback, to make the individual topics interesting for you.

Hackaburg 2017

What happened last year

120 participants from all over Germany together with 15 Sponsors transformed the facilities of OTH Regensburg into a home for 20 Teams working on a large variety of projects. The best teams got rewarded with prizes of more than 6.000 € in total value and everyone got new experiences, met new friends and had an enjoyable weekend.

Watch last year's after movie »


When and what

Fri, 25.05.2017


3pm - 4pm


4pm - 5.30pm

Idea Pitches

5.30pm - 6pm


6pm - 7.15pm

“3, 2, 1… HACK!”

7.15pm -
Sat, 26.05.2017


10am - 12pm


1pm - 3pm


1pm -

Career fair

1pm - 5pm


6pm - 7.30pm
Sun, 27.05.2017

Hacking continues …

0am - 2pm


12am - 1pm

Hand in your projects

1pm - 2pm

Hacking closes


Final Pitches

2.15pm - 4.15pm

Jury will chose the winner

4.15pm - 4.45pm

Winner will be announced

4.45pm - 5.15pm

Hackathon ends


Hackaburg 2018 has finally started!

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How to get there

TechBase Regensburg

Franz-Mayer-Straße 1
93053 Regensburg



Questions and answers

What exactly is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event in which software developers, designers and entrepreneurs come together and work on an idea for a few days. The event will be sponsored by companies, that means we have exciting prizes and planned key notes for you! There is also a career fair waiting for you to be checked out and of course free food and drinks.

How many people will the hackathon have?

We're planning with 140 attendees, 90% students and 10% professionals!

What can I build?

Anything your heart desires! Hardware, web, mobile, gaming; you name it, we’ll support it.

How do I find a team?

A team has to be smaller than 5 people. On the first day, we will have a short pitch event. That means, you can come with an idea and tell everyone what you're looking for or you get inspired by other people.

Overnight Stay?

Sure! We'll have a sleeping room available with 20 campbeds for EVERY NIGHT!

Do I have to be a programmer to attend?

NO! We're looking for a diverse group of people who want to work on an idea for a few days. You're a designer? Help create the user interface. You're a business rockstar? Help create a business or customer plan. You want to try coding for the first time? We will have introduction workshops that will give you a first glance about coding.

What about hardware?

We’ll have a hardware lounge with plenty of boards, tools, and gadgets for you to check out!


Only projects started at the hackathon will be eligible for prizes.

What should I bring to the event?

Your computer (laptop or desktop), any electronics want to use, chargers, toiletries and a sleeping bag or blanket and pillow if you're planning to stay over night and we hope you will! And of course, your student ID.

Team Sizes?

Maximum team size is 5 but of course you also can work in projects on smaller teams, there is no minimum size.


The people behind hackaburg

Markus Guder
Main Organizer Program
Max Pöschl
Martin Dörndorfer
Main Organizer DGO
Tanja Braun
Media Coordinator DGO
Michelle Neun
Social Media Coordinator
Konstantin Seitz
Social Media Coordinator
Michael Neu
Technical Master Mind
Felix Kopp
Stefan Grebler
Alina Edelmann
Application Management
Felix Sellmair
Application Management
Bastian Lange
Application Management
Alexander Frummet
Application Management
Nadine Schuller
Application Management